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Demo Reel 2020

Dates: 2005 - 2020

Total Duration: 2m

Demo Reel 2014

Dates: 15/04 - 19/09

Total Duration: 2m

Video Design and editing has been a fascination ever since. Piecing together videos, images, music excites me. I enjoy watching TV Commercials, documentaries, music videos and seeing perfectly timed cuts and transitions play along with the music.


I learned Final Cut Pro in a production company. After that I worked as a junior Avid video editor for an advertising agency. From there on, I worked on TVCs, AVPS and animatics. I studied the basics of After Effects and combined that knowledge with my skills in video editing.

Shopee Singapore


Videos created for Shopee Singapore

Hemsley Product/Promo Videos


Videos created for Hemsley Holding

4Life Product Videos


Videos used in for 4Life Product Launches used in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

4Life Event Animated Logos


Some of the animated logos done for 4Life Research Philippines yearly events.

Television Commercials Etc.


Off-line and on-line edits for TV Commercials. Accounts include Centrum, Clusivol, Promil, San Miguel Cafe, Greenwich and others.

Television Show


Edited Hapinas TV Show's OBB and pilot episode for QTV.