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The invasion of the Internet has come. It’s impossible to escape and I got caught with it. Through the years, I am learning and adapting to web/user interface design.


On the contrary, my social media skills have leveled up year after year. Managing my own page and creating engaging content for some companies based in Singapore.

Website & UI Design

  • Hemsley Holding Pte Ltd

  • Hemsley Bathshoppe E-Commerce Site

  • Frontken Pte Ltd

  • Metall-Treat

  • Ares Green

Social Media | Content Creation

  • Hemsley Holding Pte Ltd

  • Golden Village Cinema

  • Logitech Singapore

  • Madamme Tussauds

  • Geek Culture Singapore

  • Miniso Singapore

  • Tigermiyaw

  • And more...

Photoshop, Dreamweaver
Facebook & Instagram Marketing

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Facebook Post - GV Doraemon 1.jpg
Facebook Post - Geek Culture.jpg
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